The latest ‘Across America Report’ from the New York Building Congress showcases $852B worth of member projects coast to coast.

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The New York Building Congress has released its annual report ” Building Congress Across America“, which highlights the construction and development projects that its members have recently completed, are in progress or will be completing in all 50 States.

The Building Congress, which represents more than 500 organizations and over 250,000 professionals and tradespeople in the United States, surveyed their members to get a sense of how much money they are spending on construction and development. The report identified over 26,000 projects worth $852 billion.

The New York Building Congress has a huge impact on the infrastructure and built environment of our country, and this goes far beyond the tristate area,” said Carlo A. Scissura Esq. President and CEO, New York Building Congress. “We are proud of representing and advocating for such a hardworking and extraordinary group. Our members are involved in diverse projects across America, from developing clean water infrastructure for rural communities to transforming major international airports. Our members’ work fuels economies and creates thousands of jobs, generating billions in economic growth across the country.

The report gives an overview of Building Congress impact in multiple industries across the country. It highlights both geographical and project data collected from members.

The report includes the following key insights:

  • Over 67% of the organizations surveyed work outside New York State.
  • The total private sector payroll-based construction workers in the United States is 7.89 millions, with 12 % being unionized.
  • Most of the member projects, worth $277 billion, are located in Northeast.
  • Private construction expenditures in the United States exceed $1.3 trillion per year, with 61% of total project value owned by private companies, and 22% by local governments.
  • The majority of projects are non-residential and, driven by commercial offices.
  • Infrastructure projects, which are largely roadwork and paving project, represent 34.9% nationwide.
  • Residential projects, which represent almost 22% nationwide, are the least common, despite a housing crisis. In the last year, the average cost per project to build an apartment building with more than four stories was $15,000,000, while offices only cost $4,000,000.
  • With a $10 billion budget, the Honolulu Rail Project is the most expensive project.

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