Zenefits Review – Pricing, Features and Alternatives

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Small business human resource management is not the easiest task for most entrepreneurs. Few people have time to sort through the many tasks involved in managing employees, payroll, benefits and timekeeping.

You’re probably like the majority of people who are looking for an easier way to manage your HR operations in small businesses. Zenefits is a popular platform for small businesses, and you may have also read several Zenefits review as a result. Zenefits features and pricing are comparable to those of its competitors. This means that Zenefits review and competitive analysis will boil down to the features, customization, and if it is a good match for your small company.

When reading Zenefits reviews there are some important things to remember. Costs, features, and alternatives to Zenefits are all important factors that will help you decide if it is the right HR software for small businesses.

What is the Zenefits Payroll Platform?

Zenefits Payroll Platform offers business owners and HR managers a powerful set of tools to manage all aspects of their company, including payroll, benefits and compliance, in one location. Zenefits can be linked to your payroll in minutes. This eliminates the need to switch vendors, benefit plans or pricing with existing providers. Zenefits’ dashboard provides you with a comprehensive, concise way to get all the HR information you need. Zenefits can also help you obtain quotes for services such as healthcare plans if your company hasn’t already implemented them.Start using Zenefits Payroll

Zenefits can also review your company’s current paid time off requests and performance management processes, giving you immediate insights into all of this information. You can store documents about employees, paystubs tax returns and compliance requirements without switching between platforms.

Zenefits Review: The Details

After you’ve seen the Zenefits platform, lets dive into the specifics. Let’s look at pricing, customization, and features that are included with Zenefits purchases or can be purchased as add-ons.

Zenefits Pricing

Zenefits has a variety of pricing options. Zenefits Essentials is $10 per employee per month. Zenefits Essentials allows you to customize employee onboarding, track time and attendance and PTO and use the Zenefits app.

Zenefits Growth is the most popular plan according to the website and costs $18 per month per employee. You’ll receive all of the features in the Essentials package plus compensation and performance tracking. Zen includes all of the features from the Growth package as well as an employee-focused package for just $27 per month per employee.

Sign up for a plan that is annual and you’ll get a discount.Start Using Zenefits

Zenefits Customizations

Zenefits offers two different pricing levels, but users can add their own custom add-ons to offer HR administrators even more tools. Zenefits offers a wide range of add-ons that help companies manage a variety of ancillary features for their employees. Each add-on is priced differently.

Zenefits Payroll add-on

Payroll and Benefits Managers are two of the most valuable Zenefits services for HR managers. The add-ons let you manage your payroll earnings, taxes, deductions and other information without manually entering it. payroll also pushes HR requests, benefits, PTO, and hours into the platform without manual entry. Zenefits allows you to manage payroll in three clicks and to file federal and state tax directly from the system.Start using Zenefits Payroll

The second payroll advisor add-on gives you access Zenefits team of payroll professionals, who can help you ensure that your company is compliant with any changes in pay-related legislation.

Zenefits Benefits Manager

Benefits manager can help you manage health plans or even assist you in finding a new plan. This tool allows you to browse plans, create custom benefit packages and track employee enrollments. Benefits Manager allows you to offer your employees additional perks such as commuter benefits and health savings accounts.

Zenefits time and attendance tracking

The Zenefits Time and Attendance Tracking addon allows you to keep track of the hours your employees have worked, scheduled and their clock-in times. Zenefits allows employees to clock in using a selfie, whether it was taken on their device or one that they shared in the office. This tool allows you to schedule shifts directly from the platform. You don’t need to use a separate platform or manually design shifts.

Zenefits HR advisor

Zenefits offers an additional add-on which gives you access their HR professionals to assist you with any questions or concerns. This tool will help you with most HR concerns. It works like an on-site representative and saves you money.

Zenefits Performance Management

This tool allows you to manage employee success and team and company goals. It also helps conduct performance reviews in one platform.

Summary of Zenefits Reviews

Zenefits is a platform that has been rated highly in many reviews. It is easy to use and highly customizable. The price is also attractive. BambooHR and Gusto are some of its closest competitors. They offer similar features at different prices and levels of integration. Zenefits has received a B-grade from the Better Business Bureau but is highly rated on many review sites. [2]

Positive Reviews

Zenefits is praised by the majority of reviews for its price, which is comparable to other popular platforms. Zenefits also gets high marks from customers for its partnership with benefits brokers. This makes it easier for clients to purchase benefits directly within the Zenefits platform.

Zenefits is also praised for its customization capabilities. Zenefits offers a lightweight and straightforward version, but administrators can also supercharge the app with add-ons that mimic an HR manager.

Negative Reviews

Zenefits is a platform that has many positive aspects. However, it also has some negative points. Users have complained that the platform is not intuitive to use when creating new policies or enabling new functions. Some users give the company low marks for its customer service. They complain that the company bounces around calls to direct customers to the correct departments.

Zenefits Competitors and Alternatives

Zenefits does not represent the only solution available for small businesses to manage their HR and employee needs. There are many options available, including Zenefits’ competitors who offer services and capabilities which may be better suited to you and your company.

Below are some of the best Zenefits alternatives and competitors to consider:

Kronos Workforce Ready

Kronos Workforce Ready, designed for small business, distills the many core capabilities Kronos has become known for in the HR management industry. This program is an all-in one management tool that offers a lot of functions and customization options for customers.

The platform allows for a customized workflow. This can be an advantage for business owners that want to understand the inner workings of their HR platform, but it can also be a disadvantage for those who prefer a simple tool.

Kronos Workforce Ready, unlike Zenefits which offers a very simple pricing structure, uses a quote-based system. To find out how much this service will cost, you’ll need to contact the company. On the website, you can request a demo.


Gusto is praised for its simplicity and ease of use. Gusto is a Zenefits-alternative that excels at payroll management and tax forms creation. However, the company has recently launched higher-tier services for small business owners looking for a comprehensive HR platform.

The Gusto Core package is a payroll-processing solution that costs $39 a month plus $6 for each additional employee. The Complete package includes some HR tools, costs $39 per month at the base level and adds $12 for each employee. The Concierge package is $149 per month, and $12 per employee. It offers subscribers certified HR professionals as well as customer support. Gusto has also added a new option that is only available to contractors. They pay $6 per employee and do not have to pay a base price.

Paychex Flex

Paychex Flex is a Zenefits-alternative from a company who has been helping companies manage payroll for decades. They are one of the few nonstartups in this space. This tool offers payroll and HR assistance, as well as benefits administration and many other useful tools that can help small businesses run a human resource department without having to hire a lot of staff.

Paychex Flex’s website does not include prices. Paychex Flex offers quote-based pricing. This means you will need to contact them directly to learn how much the services are going cost. If you prefer to work with a company that has a proven track record, Paychex Flexible may be the best option for you.

Paychex offers 3 months of free payroll for a limited period. If you are thinking about updating your payroll service, this is the perfect time to switch.Paychex Offers Free Estimates


BambooHR is the last alternative to Zenefits. This software platform offers a powerful HR management toolkit for small and medium-sized businesses. BambooHR offers quote-based pricing that you can request through their website.

This platform is highly rated for its intuitive interface that makes it easy for administrators and employees to manage their business.

Zenefits: The Bottom Line

Zenefits is a great option if you are looking for a HR management tool with countless features and a range of prices. Zenefits allows you to start small, and then add features as your business grows. Zenefits allows small business owners the freedom to focus on their core business while Zenefits takes care of all their HR needs.Start using Zenefits

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