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Buildium is an all-in-one property management software. The system includes features such as a resident portal and accounting. It also manages applications, tracks maintenance requests, and has other features. The software also includes a front-end web page, tenant screening services and renters insurance.

Buildium was founded by a group of entrepreneurs in Boston in 2004. RealPage purchased Buildium in 2019. They are the owners of propertyware.

Buildium Reviews is your one-stop-shop for all reviews.

Best Features

Well-Rounded Enterprise Products

Buildium offers enough features for anyone in the industry.

Owner and tenant portals are available, as well as e-leases and accounting tools. Renters insurance and maintenance tracking is also included. There’s also a professional website and tenant screening.

User Interface

The majority of property management software is, at best bland. They are often worse than bland. The product doesn’t have the bright, colorful designs that are expected of a 2020s item.

Buildium isn’t going to blow you away, but its dashboard is very clean and it’s one of the most advanced property management systems available.

Biggest Pitfalls

Not as Comprehensive Listing Syndication

They syndicate their listings to Zillow, Lovely and Apartment List. AppFolio, on the other hand, has a much more extensive list of listing partners.

buildium pricing 2023

Buildium Pricing

  • $52/mo starting price for Essential
  • $166/mo starting price for Growth
  • $479/mo starting price for Premium
  • If you have more than 20 units, there are additional fees for onboarding.
  • Additional charges for electronic leases and EFT fees.
  • Setup Fee for a Bank Account: $99
  • Discounts for paying annually and free trial offer

Prices are per unit. The Essential plan, for example, costs $166/mo based on 100 units.

The Essential plan costs $52 per month and includes all the basic features. eLeases cost $5 each. The maximum number of units is 150.

The Growth plan costs $166/mo, adds analytics and insights about performance and eLeases is free. The incoming EFT fees have been waived.

The Premium plan costs $479/mo, and includes a growth consultant as well as the Open API. The only payment is annually.

You can try it for free.

This is the most current information I know at the time this article was written. To check on current discounts and terms, contact the vendor directly.

My personal recommendation

Buildium is my favorite option for property management.

The pricing is more flexible, allowing smaller brokerages to take advantage of the same features as more expensive options.

The UI was my favorite among all the property management software that I have tested. The layout and navigation are great.

The listing exposure is, in my opinion the single biggest and possibly only disadvantage. This may not be a problem if you already have your listings in the MLS. AppFoliois the better product if you want to use your software to promote your listings as widely as possible or if you wish to pay for paid promotion of your listings on your website.

If I were to choose another option, I’d strongly consider Buildium.

Use Buildium if…

  • You run a small property management company or are growing and you value a solid dashboard.
  • Your listings are already in the MLS

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