Thomas James Homes Launches Private Client Group Based on Consumer Demand

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Thomas James Homes, the largest replacement homebuilder with divisions in Southern California and Northern California as well as the Pacific Northwest and Colorado and Arizona announced the launch of a Private Client Group, a sales team that will support BUILD by the TJH solution. The well-established company, with a mission to “unlock the coolest neighborhoods one new home at time,” is placing a greater emphasis on its BUILD solution, which allows homeowners to unlock their home’s value and potential by building a larger home in its place.

Tommy Beadel, founder and CEO of TJH Homes, says: “Since we established TJH in 2004, we have built more than 1,100 homes. We are primarily focused on spec-homes for sale.” The dense neighborhoods in which we build mean that everyone on the street is watching every move we make to replace an old home with a new one. We began to receive a steady flow of inquiries from consumers about 18 months ago, asking us if we could do the same with their house. We are now finding that some consumers do not live in the neighborhoods where we have BUILD projects. They ask us if we could find them a home to join our program. We have more than 50 BUILD projects in progress and the demand is increasing. With the introduction of our Private Client Group, we are able to provide more support to bring BUILD to more people. A home in the right location can be a significant vehicle for wealth creation. BUILD by TJH transforms their functionally obsolete, underbuilt homes into larger and more valuable assets.”


BUILD allows TJH customers to maximize their home’s square footage and value through a turnkey, design-build solution. This model simplifies custom-building in a way that is not possible with the traditional method. TJH is able to guarantee a price at the time of contract execution, as well as on-time completion within 12 months after starting construction. This is achieved by an integrated end-to-end approach that includes architecture and design, permitting and construction management.

BUILD offers a great way for investors and other property owners to maximize their real estate investments.

  • Residential homeowners

* BUILD can increase the value of a client’s home by increasing its footprint and improving its design.

  • Owners of rental property

* An updated design and energy-efficient construction will optimize the short-term and long-term rental income of clients while reducing their maintenance costs.

  • Flip investors

* BUILD’s guaranteed pricing, on-time deliveries, and complete execution eliminate many of the risks that come with flipping houses.

  • Financial, estate + tax advisors

* BUILD offers a complete new construction solution that maximizes the value of assets such as trusts, rental properties and inherited property while maintaining predictable costs and timelines.

Request a BUILD Analysis for free if you are interested in learning more about BUILD by TJH. The analysis is delivered by the Private Client Group and includes a site assessment and financial assessment as well as a full cost breakdown and curated home plan review.

Beadel says that new construction homes are rare in our main markets. The average age of home is 56. There are few options for these homeowners other than moving out of their neighborhood or doing a remodel/renovation themselves. BUILD offers a third, new option. Our team will demolish your house and build a brand new home in its place. This is easier than renovating, but it also adds value. Financial, tax and estate advisers are also interested in using BUILD to maximize clients’ real estate asset. You can increase the value of your property by enhancing your home with BUILD.

TJH will continue to provide customizable pre-construction and quick-move-in homes in high-demand neighborhoods across its five key markets, despite the new strategic direction. TJH is on track to deliver between 275 and 300 spec houses to its customers in 2023.

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